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Brent Lance


In 1984, when I was 9, I took my first lessons in Tae Kwon Do. I later met a guy named Charles Loudermilk who became my first teacher as far as I am concerned, as he began to introduce me to Jeet Kune Do. Charles also introduced me to his Instructor, Vic Payne. I began taking lessons with Vic at his home in Brasstown, NC (right down the road from me).

Well, it just so happened that Vic put on this little martial arts camp, called the Great Smoky Mountain Martial Arts Camp. There were these great instructors from other places around the country and around the world, who were teachers and peers of Vic Payne who taught at this camp. I learned from some really great people there. Some of them were: Tim Tackett, Dan Inosanto, Bert Poe, Larry Hartsell, Francis Fong, Chai Sirisute, Paul De Thouars, Victor DeThouars, Cliff Lenderman, Graciela Casillas, Cliff Stewart, Joe Lewis, Fred Deggerberg, and some others. I went to the camp during its last 4 years. I cut my teeth there.  I was very fortunate to live and train where the best camp in the world was held each summer for several years.


I began fighting in the ring in a toughman type contest that Vic Payne put on, in 1990. In 1990 and 1991, I finished 1st or 2nd place in almost every event I fought in. I also did some full contact tournaments, amateur boxing and kickboxing matches, and even a little professional boxing (even though I sometimes wanted to kick in a boxing match).  I have had around 74 fights total. I know I lost 13 times in all. Making my "unsanctioned" ring record somewhere around 61-13.  No...I don't remember exactly how many knockouts I had, but I do know it was no more than 20... :).  I never lost in any of the kickboxing matches, so if I would have never done "just boxing" I may have been undefeated.  But, I would also have never had that experience to draw from either.  I encourage my students to compete, as well. 

I became one of Vic Payne's instructors in 1993 at the age of 19. I began to teach a small group with Charles Loudermilk. I continued to teach and eventually my friend Larry Rice organized a seminar where I was reunited with Tim Tackett.  I am now a SENIOR-FULL INSTRUCTOR in JKD under Sifu Tackett and I am also President of the Wednesday Night Group (WNG) International "Old School JKD" Organization.  Having the opportunity to learn from Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer, Jim Sewell and other WNG instructors is an accomplishment on it's own, let alone to be a member of the board of directors.  I am very honored and it is great to be able to do this.  I feel very blessed to have had the learning opportunities that I have had.  Growing up at the Great Smoky Mountain Martial Arts Camp, Training with Vic Payne, Having "continuing education" with Tackett & the WNG and Getting to teach and learn from great martial artists from all over the World keep me excited thinking "what's next??."   
Brent Lance's WNG JKD Full Instructor Certification:
Signed by Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer and Jim Sewell
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